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Our Company

Medistone Ltd was established in 1988 and since then it was always the most reputable company in Malta for its professional Interior and Exterior home designs and home furnishings. These includes hand made Malta stone furniture mostly specialized and based to suit all clients requirements depending on the clients home design and measurements needed for the best service one can expect from our company.

Medistone represents also some of the most reputable European finest furniture brands companies. We can guarantee to design and furnish all types of rooms in a client’s home, such as kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and study rooms in whatever style clients wish to do their home including also the finest details to finish all the design created to their satisfaction such as ornaments, lights, carpets, curtains and even room colours for walls.

We are always committed to provide the best possible quality product and service to all our customers including also our after sales service on all our products. Even our employees are chosen with care and attention to meet our standards and are given continuous training to improve their skills. Like this Medistone can guarantee all its customers that they have trustable employees in their homes while carrying the job.

Our aim is to give our customers what they need and wish for their home, not just what we have for sale. We offer a free design consultant for each and every one who wish to have Medistone at home to be sure they get the best professional design they deserve to have. Medistone professional design service is based not only on how to decorate your home the best way but most importantly ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality especially where fireplaces are designed. This is not just a pre sale attitude towards our customers as our designers will visit every client after completion of works to ensure that all requirements needed are met to the client’s satisfaction.

Considering all this our customers can rest their mind that the most basic needs for one’s best lifestyle are kept to ensure their requirements and satisfaction. With all this Medistone was and will be kept synonymous with quality and style – two factors that spread and kept our reputation both with our local and foreign customers.